Kasei 43cc Gas 13 Feet Hedge Trimmer + Chainsaw

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KASEI 43cc Gas 13 foot long pole Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw

With this model, you can trim extremely tall and extra-wide hedges without the need for scaffolding or working platforms. This machine features an incredibly powerful 43cc engine capable of cutting brushes and branches with ease.



Includes pole Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw and 3 foot extension bar


  • Brand Name: KASEI

  • EPA Certified

  • 43CC enigne

  • 18" articulating hedge trimmer (can cut branches up to 0.75" thick)

  • Adjustable hedge trimmer head angle from 0 to 135 Degrees

  • Carburetor: Diaphragm

  • Oil mix: 30:1

  • Total maximum length : 13 feet (with extension bar attached)

  • 10" Chainsaw blade

  • shoulder strap and handle included

Watch video for Review and Installation instructions! Only difference between the models is the shaft length, the rest is the same!